High calorie foods which will raise the risk of cancer in women without even gaining weight

According to a new study, women who take lot of calorie foods have higher risk of obesity related cancers though they might look thin. Based on a study where more than 92000 women in US were studied for low nutrient foods, favored high calories and had about 10% higher risk cancer which is linked to obesity. The food may also include various processed foods like fast food, chips and sweets. There can be several malignancies like the colon, kidney, breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers. The most common risk factor for all these diseases is obesity. But researchers also suggested that one cannot completely prevent cancer or obesity related cancers by staying slim.

The Arizonas Zuckerman College of Public Health University Professor said that people might think that they are normal weight when we say there are certain kinds of cancers which are associated with obesity. To it, she also added saying if someone is thin it doesn’t mean that he or she is metabolically healthy, i.e. having normal cholesterol, blood sugar, triglyceride levels and more. 

McCullough who is a strategic director for nutritional epidemiology at American Cancer Society said those who eat more of calorie laden foods will eat very less amount of plant- based foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, etc. So, these people will be having low vitamins, nutrients and fibers will help in reducing the risk of cancer risk. Generally, the calorie dense foods are packed with huge amounts of calories that add to weight gain.

According to McCullough these aren’t completely bad and they are sometimes healthy such as nuts and olive oil. But most of the calorie dense foods are very low in nutrient content. It can include processed foods like prepared dressings, chips, crackers etc, and fast foods like pizza, cheese burgers and candy bars. As these foods are tempting it’s very hard to limit their intake and end up eating huge quantities to get satisfied while added great number of calories with little or no nutritional levels. 

In this study about 92000 women were considered and aged from 50 to 79. Based on the eating habits information provided by ladies Thomson’s team calculated their calorie density of individual women and their typical diet. Over a period of 15 years, 9600 women had developed cancer which was due to obesity. 

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